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Beloved wedding venue

Weddings are our special favourites

Our long experience in wedding organising has proven that the secret to a good party lies in regular and trusting partnership with the bride and groom – the more we know about your yearnings and dreams, the more smoothly everything goes. Hence the first step of organising a wedding with us is coming to visit us. This way we can talk everything through in detail and find you that exact perfect solution.

You can choose the date to match your heart’s desire whether you are looking for a sweet, peaceful and private guest-free ceremony or whether you are dreaming of a grand party that takes over the entire villa and the garden on top of it! And of course, golden wedding anniversaries and other celebrations can also be organised.

What our spaces enable

  • The ground floor of our villa has 6 different spaces which can all be used creatively.
  • In addition there is a spacious summer terrace and the gorgeous park garden with 100-year-old oak trees.
  • We can accommodate up to 36 grown-ups. Villa Ammende has 5 luxurious rooms on the Masters floor and another 14 rooms spread around Sky Parlour floor and Garden Villa, most of them are spacious, some petite also.  There are also sofa beds in some rooms and when needed, 10 additional beds can be added to the rooms but these are mainly meant for the children.
  • We can help to accommodate guests who do not fit into our hotel into nearby hotels. Hospitality in Pärnu is a field we know quite a lot about.

What else we can help with

Organising a wedding throws many different questions on the table at the same time and we can help you find an answer to them. Wedding planning skills are our pride and glory.

How and where to design beautiful invitations, menu cards and name cards that all work together as an ensemble? Which traditions to follow, what activities to include into the long evening for everyone to have fun, and what to give to the parents of the future wife or husband? Oh, there are plenty of questions!

The activities, equipment and services we can help you to organise, include:

  • Registering a marriage at Villa Ammende;
  • Hairdresser and make-up artist;
  • Photographer;
  • Flowers;
  • Lighting and additional equipment;
  • Musicians and surprise performers;
  • Catering;
  • Host/Wedding host;
  • Wedding planning;
  • Transport;
  • Security services, and many others.

What to put on the table?

Ammende restaurant is known for its superb kitchen and service. We believe that there are only a few wishes we can not fulfill. All food and drinks for the parties celebrated at Ammende come from our kitchen and bar. We do not bring in any outside catering and also do not allow our guests to bring their own food and drinks. Our menu choices are wide and include various canapes and festive menus, a hot and a cold buffet, brunch, and a perfect picnic and BBQ menu for the summertime. Naturally, we also offer quality wines and cocktails to accompany with all the previous.