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Environmental policy

We are all responsible for the Earths well being. The environment is our common asset that can only be truly cherished and protected if we do it together.

An unpolluted environment and sustainable life style are important for Villa Ammende Restaurant & Hotel. We have Green Key and we are keen to follow the principle of sustainable management in all our actions and in every product and service we offer by:

  • using water rationally, as well as thermal and power energy;
  • avoiding the use of environmentally hazardous chemicals;
  • sorting waste and trying to reduce its excessive generation;
  • using environmentally friendly materials and products;
  • preferring local fresh raw materials in our restaurant and café;
  • using economic and environmentally friendly equipment as much as possible.

We would be grateful if you would also contribute to a more sustainable use of natural resources by:

  • using water economically;
  • switching off the lights when you leave the room to save energy;
  • using, if possible, the same towel the next day to reduce the use of water and cleaning agents;
  • throwing domestic waste in the dustbin, leaving packages by the dustbin and used paper and cartons on the table;
  • giving used batteries and other hazardous waste to the receptionist.

Thank you for helping us save nature!