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The more the merrier

Families are welcome in our house. However, let’s be honest, the best time shall be had by the little ones who are not yet ready to explore the grounds on their own, and by the older kids who do not miss their playroom as we don’t have one.

From teddies to family rooms

We do not have a playroom but we do have board games, an outdoors playground and lots of space to run around freely. We have special beds for the little ones, and if someone has had the bad luck of forgetting their teddy at home we will conjure one from our private supply. We offer night lamps for those of us who are afraid to sleep in the dark, and naturally, our young and important guests will have their own soap and shampoo waiting for them in the bathroom.


What rooms can families book?

All our rooms on the Master’s floor are perfect for family stays but some of our more spacious  Sky Parlor Spacious and Colourful rooms are also furnished based on the family needs. Children have a soft and cosy sofa bed for sleeping. Some rooms also come with baths, the favourite among the little boys and girls.

Children have their own menu

No child goes hungry when visiting the Ammende family. Our restaurant offers a children’s menu which is healthy enough to make the parents happy and fun enough not to scare the children away. We are certain of it (as far as anything can be certain when it comes to the eating habits of children), because if someone knows what children like, it’s our chefs.


Additional services for you

We can arrange for a babysitter or ask Lotte the dog to come and play with the children if you are traveling in a bigger group and want to enjoy your dinner in peace. Get in touch with us to discuss the details.