Ammende family

The thing with families is that you kind of feel one with everyone but at the same time also unique and independent. And then there is that thing of some family members being more home-oriented while some turn into vagabonds, but somehow everyone still ends up together in the living room on a random sunny day. This is exactly how it is with us.

  • Sven-Erik Volberg

    Yes, exactly, the head of a family and not just a director. Sven has been part of the Ammende family for so long that no one imagines Ammende without Sven nor Sven without Ammende. This boy from Pärnu started welcoming guests here as a porter on a lovely June day already many decades ago. Soon he already worked as an administrator and from then onwards as a Master of Administrators and now there he is – running the entire house for a third year in a row. Sven is as mathematically competent as your favourite calculator but he knows how to see the real people behind the numbers. How else could it even be?

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  • Maarika Koch

    When you take a moment to think about it, you will see that Maarika’s job is centered on joy. She feels joy when guests arrive or when they complement the food. In the Ammende family, Maarika is the person whose sole aim is to make guests feel so good that their joy would become contagious. Maarika is an old hand at the world of tourism, with 23 years of experience from the hotels of Tallinn, Haapsalu and Pärnu. This is the experience she is now joyfully sharing and utilising at Ammende.

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  • Herkki Ruubel

    Herkki is the visionary and the head of Ammende’s kitchen. His entire life revolves around cooking and art, he just can’t escape either of them. It is Herkki’s fiery creativity and his passion for working in the kitchen that has turned him into the best chef in Pärnu, according to many. You are probably not surprised to hear that Herkki does not get along with Excel sheets. He is one of the older members of the Ammende family and it was exactly from here where he went to the wide world as a senior chef to learn the secrets of the art of cooking. A year with Gordon Ramsay, moving on to Noma, often called the best restaurant in the world, topped up with some big achievements in Estonian restaurants, and here is again, back at Villa Ammende. A logical turn of events.

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  • Johannes Penu

    Our Johannes is a boy from Pärnu who is passionate about welcoming every guest with open arms. He believes that if everything is fine with the Ammende family then everything will be fine with our guests. Johannes joined the Ammende family in 2016, beginning as an administrator and growing slowly but steadily from there into Master of Reception. Johannes gets his motivation from the happy faces of his guests. To see those happy faces, he is ready to do anything – arrange flowers, find and buy necessary items, and to make sure –  together with the gardeners – that everyone always feels uplifted and happy in Ammende’s garden. Naturally, he also keeps an eye on the house elves, so that they would not get too naughty on their own. If something does not go according to plan for the guests, Johannes walks around, grumbling, until he finds the weakest link and gets it fixed.

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  • Kersti Ilves-Kuningas

    Kersti is our Master of Sales and a person you might call a pure-blooded resort resident – born and raised in Haapsalu. Since she was a child she has loved dipping her toes in water and selling things; the latter tendency having been supported by her father, a professional old-school salesman. Don’t tell this to Kersti but if you meet her, your wallet probably becomes a few euros lighter. But you, on the other hand, will become a whole load richer in unforgettable experiences. Ammende experiences, that is. Kersti helps her clients with everything: she orders newspapers for the morning, goes shopping for children’s board games and magically makes a helicopter appear.

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    + 372 56 260 365

  • Mariann Müllerstein

    If you have ever received an email from the Ammende family or have noticed one of our ads, you can be certain that you are dealing with Mariann. Mariann is an old hand at hotel business and a familiar face to Ammende’s guests since 2000. She started as a waitress at Ammende’s restaurant straight after school and, being inspired by her work, went to study tourism and hospitality while still working with us. Then she went and worked in all the different places from hotels in London to a local spa (you are not really from Pärnu until you have worked in a spa). Mariann knows everything and that is why she can be often found not only in front of her computer but in every possible corner of the house where she is busy with a task that needs fixing at that moment.

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    + 372 51 911 305

  • Merike Sapas

    Merike is the Master of Coin in the Ammende family. But not only. She is also one of the cornerstones of Ammende. When the renovation works started at the end of the 1990s, Merike came to see the house during Open House days. Looking at the scaffolding, she was wondering what would become of this place and who would start visiting it. When the house opened its doors in 1999, lo and behold, Merike ended up working here. But if you take her for a serious math person, you are wrong. She is the first one in our house to make everyone roll around with laughter. And also the one everyone trusts with their joys and sorrows. Our cornerstone!

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