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Villa Ammende uudised

Ammende family

The thing with families is that you kind of feel one with everyone but at the same time also unique and independent. And then there is that thing of some family members being more home-oriented while some turn into vagabonds, but somehow everyone still ends up together in the living room on a random sunny day. This is exactly how it is with us.

  • Sven-Erik Volberg

    Yes, exactly, the head of a family and not just a director. Sven has been part of the Ammende family for so long that no one imagines Ammende without Sven nor Sven without Ammende. This boy from Pärnu started welcoming guests here as a porter on a lovely June day already many decades ago. Soon he already worked as an administrator and from then onwards as a Master of Administrators and now there he is – running the entire house for a sixt year in a row. Sven is as mathematically competent as your favourite calculator but he knows how to see the real people behind the numbers. How else could it even be?

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  • Maarika Koch

    When you take a moment to think about it, you will see that Maarika’s job is centered on joy. She feels joy when guests arrive or when they complement the food. In the Ammende family, Maarika is the person whose sole aim is to make guests feel so good that their joy would become contagious. Maarika is an old hand at the world of tourism, with 23 years of experience from the hotels of Tallinn, Haapsalu and Pärnu. This is the experience she is now joyfully sharing and utilising at Ammende.

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  • Margus Särev

    Margus is the chef of our family, a cook with a heart. Born and raised in Pärnu County, but supplemented his experience on the other side of the border. He went to school right here in Pärnu, but his life is a different story. Namely, he has lived and worked both in Norway and in Belgium and in our own small Estonian country, in the restaurant Wagenküll and years ago here in Villa Ammende. When he returned here, he realizes that although his workplaces have certain features in common, the most memorable place for him is the kitchen of Ammende, where his journey as a chef began. Making food from fresh ingredients makes his heart beat faster. But even more important for Margus is the team he cooks with in the kitchen. When experimenting with new flavors and dishes, they reach the most perfect ones, which are then formulated into a menu.

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    Margus Särev
  • Kersti Ilves-Kuningas

    Kersti is our Master of Sales and a person you might call a pure-blooded resort resident – born and raised in Haapsalu. Since she was a child she has loved dipping her toes in water and selling things; the latter tendency having been supported by her father, a professional old-school salesman. Don’t tell this to Kersti but if you meet her, your wallet probably becomes a few euros lighter. But you, on the other hand, will become a whole load richer in unforgettable experiences. Ammende experiences, that is. Kersti helps her clients with everything: she orders newspapers for the morning, goes shopping for children’s board games and magically makes a helicopter appear.

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  • Mariann Hantson

    Mariann is the youngest Master of the Ammende family. But it can’t be said that it’s her childhood dream. Mariann comes from a small family in Pärnu county. After finishing elementary school in her home town, she studied at the Pärnu Vocational School to become a pastry chef, and that’s certificate she has. Mariann has been a member of the Ammende family since 2016, though with a small break, because she is one of those who had to leave for a bit to decide it’s the right path.  She started with us as an assistant attendant, then carried on as a waitress, from there as a shift leader and today, in the role of Master of Food and Wine. Mariann makes sure that the best service experience is provided to our restaurant guests. But an even more important role is to coach young family members to the become masters of hospitality and restaurant service.  Mariann is pleased in Ammende, she thinks it is very welcoming and pleasant to be here. It is particularly important to her that family members get on well with one another.

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  • Stiven Sild

    Stiven is our Master of the House, a boy from Pärnu County with a proper baggage of life experiences. At late teens life took him to see the lights of our capital Tallinn, and the first exciting work experiences followed quickly. He has put his hands on the construction of kayaks, knows how to do metal work and has also seen the installation of plafonds for ambulances driving around Pärnu. However, the attraction of his hometown was strong and he soon started to get acquainted with the peculiarities of Pärnu catering places with the enthusiasm common to him. In 2016, his growing passion for food brought him to Ammende. Stiven can handle all electronic devices with an ease, create a wonderful greeting card, offer a glass of Champagne to you and much more. As a result, our host has acquired the title “Man Like an Orchestra”. And that’s how it is!

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  • Merike Sapas

    Merike is the keeper of money in the Ammende family, but not only that. She also has all the wisdom of our house. When the renovation of Ammende started in the late 90s, Merike came to the open day to explore the house. She thought while walking around between the scaffolding that it is interesting what is being done to this house and who is going to work here. And you see, it so happened that when the building was opened in 1999, Merike also started working here. If you think Merike is a serious numbers person, you are wrong. She is the one in our house whose good sense of humor brings a lot of laughter to others’ days. And she is also our confidant, she knows the worries and joys of the majority. Our pillar of support!

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    Merike Sapas