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Party with style

Every party is different

Whether the hero of the day has reached a venerable old age or is still young, we have a solution for everyone – an afternoon tea for a young person in a tender age or a festive brunch for a mature lady. You can have an elegant jubilee celebration by booking a private hall or the entire complex. Hence, the tough question of “What should I do on my birthday” actually has a simple answer – Ammende.

No wish is too big and no detail too little for us – we like garden and cocktail parties, BBQ and gala evenings equally. The same stands for Christmas parties.

What our spaces enable

  • The ground floor of our villa has 6 different spaces which can all be used creatively.
  • We can accommodate up to 36 grown-ups. Villa Ammende has 5 luxurious rooms on the Masters floor and another 14 rooms spread around Sky Parlour floor and Garden Villa, most of them are spacious, some petite also.
  • There are also sofa beds in some rooms and when needed, 10 additional beds can be added to the rooms but these are mainly meant for the children.
  • We can help to accommodate guests who do not fit into our hotel into nearby hotels.

What to put on the table?

Ammende restaurant is known for its superb kitchen and service. We believe that there are only a few wishes we can not fulfill. All food and drinks for the parties celebrated at Ammende come from our kitchen and bar. We do not bring in any outside catering and also do not allow our guests to bring their own food and drinks. Our menu choices are wide and include various canapes and festive menus, a hot and a cold buffet, brunch, and a perfect picnic and BBQ menu for the summertime. Naturally, we also offer quality wines and cocktails to accompany with all the previous.

What more can we help you with

We have an astonishing collection of entertainment options, all fine-tuned and tested on our guests. If needed, we will help you put together a program and bring it to life, all from scratch.

  • veinidegustatsioon

    Wine, cognac or cocktail tasting

  • Merchant feast

    Historic dinner - Merchant’s feast