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Ammende family news


In the Ammende family news section you can read what exciting is happening in our Villa and some useful information too.

  • Ammende family Christmas programme and plans

    Christmas is the most important holiday of the year for many. For us as well. We are diligently preparing for this. We decorate the house with the real Christmas trees and ornaments. Preparations for the Christmas month program started already in September. This year there are several Christmas concerts, Advent lunches with live music, a Christmassy fashion show, a Christmas party for companies, a Christmas market and a Christmas store to buy Christmas gifts. The holiday month naturally ends with the New Year’s Eve celebration. Throughout the Christmas month, we offer a Christmas menu that respects traditions but has a little twist to it as well. And once again, you can order a Christmas table prepared by our chefs for yourself at home, as well as an assortment of cookies and gingerbread dough made by Rita! The pumpkin salad is already in a jar, the Christmas sauerkraut and blood sausage work is about to start, all made from scratch just like it used to be in the good old days! We look forward to your visit, the real Christmas feeling is waiting you here!

  • Summer is a feeling

    Ammende family went to a holiday! The busiest summer days are over for us now, however the weather is still summery in September, so we went all together to enjoy the Pärnu county nature and spend some time together. As one man we can vouch for it – Tolkuse bog and Kabli beach are wonderful places to be in September and our summer really is not a season, it’s a feeling! We all encountered the required daily steps count, caught some sunshine and the braver ones (we have plenty) had a swim in the sea. Then we sit down to the dinner table, made summer summaries, chose the fiercest family members and tasted the delicious dishes the Tuisuliiva hostess had

    Villa Ammende meeskond ehk Ammende pere
  • Fashion Market

    In June 2023, the winds of fashion blew in the garden of Ammende! Local fashion-conscious ladies, as well as people from further afield, were shoppin and trading. The Ammende family and the Pärnu Womens Rotary Club were also brought out their best clothing. One person’s old is another’s new, and that’s how easy the circulation was. We all kept the environment together by bringing out the best pieces from our closets from esteemed brands that every fashion guru would want! Meisi Volt, Pärnu’s fashion guru, spoke more about fashion trends. DJ Urmas Lass spun trendy rhythms.

    It was a lovely spring day and we already look forward to next time!

  • Green Key

    Johannes is our Master of Hellos and Goodbyes, he is always passionate about ensuring that every guest is always welcomed at the door with open arms. But that’s not all! Johannes also works throughout the year to ensure that our work processes are responsible and sustainable, that we follw a green mindset. We participate in the Green Key program and our daily activities, products and services we offer are based on environmental friendliness. In our historic Villa, this is a somewhat difficult task from time to time. However it is with greater warmth and pride in our hearts that we accept the Green Key certificate every year. It affirms that we did it again! The Ammende family values clean nature and an economical way of life very much. Thank you so much Johannes for all your efforts and leadership!

    Greem Key
  • Ammende family Christmas month

    Christmas time is the most magical time of the year! For the first advent our entire house is decorated and sparkles with ornaments and smell of the Christmas trees is everywhere. Our chef Margus prepares the Christmas menu that can be ordered for every Christmas celebration. However,  you can also enjoy it during the  Christmas lunches, which take place every Sunday, or simply visit our restaurant on the 22nd, 23rd or 24th of December. Christmas month is filled with music – concerts, the pianist is here every Sunday for the Christmas lunch and the New Year’s Eve is filled with beautiful music too! Santa visits us on Sundays and also comes to the Christmas market in the garden. In addition to the annual Christmas market in our garden on 10th of December we also try to follow the footsteps of Herman Ammende who was an owner of the department store. Indeed, we open the Christmas Store this year for 2 days – the 17th and 18th of December! Our desire is to assist, so that you can find special gifts for your loved ones. This true Christmas sensation you can feel on the spot only! Villa Ammende’s magical Christmas world is calling you!

  • The colourful season!

    Autumn is here and we’re good to go! Why should we not be? Our own and guests too have had their cheerful end of summer parties, after the crispy morning walk is so nice to warm up in front of the fireplace, in the restaurant we offer seasonal dishes, saunas are heated up nearly every evening and the first colourful leaves are  falling from our oak trees. Taking a look beyond one can see the red rowan berries and maples that preparing to get really colourful soon. Even the honey jars are nicely lined up in the pantry. We are pretty close to the sea, however,  we are not afraid of the autumn winds, because we have a cozy place to be in every season. Autumn in Pärnu is an incredibly beautiful time!

    sügis Pärnus
  • Charme & Caractere

    Villa Ammende is glad that we are recognized worldwide. We have received another award, which shows our commitment to offer you a high-quality experience right here in the heart of the city of Pärnu.

    At first glance, Charme & Caractere is an international association that brings together a community of separate, independent, but united hotels. Knowing that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, their goal is to search for individuality and uniqueness.
    Hotels with a unique concept, philosophy, milieu and family dedicated to making your stay an unforgettable experience will be featured.

    So we are especially grateful for this recognition and will continue in the same spirit!

    Charme & Caractere
  • The summer of the Ammende family

    Summer in Pärnu is like an endless rainbow – something is happening every day, just choose the place and time and be there to enjoy it all! The summer of the Ammende family is also in full swing with its activities. There are concerts every week and they all guarantee a memorable summer evening. But besides concerts, the Ammende family also has other great experiences to offer. At the garden cafe, we offer delicious dishes at lunch and cocktails that will lift you up all day.
    We really have plenty of space for everyone. There are activities for all toddlers, big brothers and big sisters. The playground at the corner of the garden is children’s favorite, and dinner under the string lights is a destination for romantics.

  • Headchef of Villa Ammende

    A new chef has joined our family, or rather an old one…
    Margus is a passionate food maker, whose life path has taken him beyond the borders and then around the corner back to the Villa Ammende restaurant, where he started his chef journey many years ago. Margus knows more about our family, Villa Ammende and our guests than many others.
    The Ammende restaurant has enchanted the chef with fresh ingredients, from which the entire kitchen team prepares delicious dishes every day. The restaurant team, with whom Margus works in the kitchen, is very important to the chef, because it is with them that the most perfect dishes, which are finally formulated into the menu, are reached.

    Ammende köök
  • The Ammende family is gearing up for the summer

    That’s how Ammende family prepares for the Pärnu summer season. Everyone gathers together, we sit down behind a long table to discuss all the subjects and sing all the songs, make some dance moves too. This time the table is so long that the eye cannot reach the end and the whole family don’t fit in the picture either. But don’t worry, you can visit us every day and count us yourself and get to know us too. Here is quite a lot of us, hence one visit is not enough to meet us all. However, there are plenty of reasons to visit Pärnu – lots of events take place in Pärnu and Villa Ammende summer program is glorious too. More than 20 concerts are coming up in our garden so, every music lover will definitely find an event that makes the soul sing. Pärnu summer, Pärnu beach, Pärnu parks, Pärnu events, Ammende family – we all look forward to welcoming you!

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