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Pearl of art nouveau architecture

Villa Ammende is the best example of the early art nouveau in Estonia and also one of the three art nouveau hotels in the world. This type of rarity needs love and protection, so the facade of our building together with villa’s interior elements, the fence and even the trees of the park are all listed under national heritage protection.

The first two floors of the villa have been restored to their former glory as authentically as possible after the devastation brought on by the Soviet times. All the following elements can be seen in the way they were originally built: the colourful walls, painted cornices, glazed fireplaces, gorgeously profiled doorways. The original spatial layout has also been restored.

The villa is not a museum, however. While refurbishing, we kept an eye out for that perfect balance between historical and modern amenities. We feel we did a successful job but you have to come and test it yourself!


Our spaces

Our spaces are divided between three floors. The ground floor holds a fireplace hall, a boudoir, a study, dinner, restaurant and event halls, and a verandah. The first floor is home to former family rooms, the current suites. The second floor holds former servants’ quarters. These attic rooms have been luxuriously renovated for hotel guests.

Our ground floor spaces offer abundant options for event organising. If one needs to use all spaces available, Villa Ammende elegantly fits 200 guests for a standing reception or 140 guests for a banquet style dinner. Our gorgeous garden fits even more people, so a concert for 2000 guests is totally doable!

A lack of space will not hinder a beautiful (or a hardcore, to each their own) party.

Ground floor plan (PDF)

Fireplace hall

Fireplace hall is the heart of our villa. Here you are welcomed and from here you are sent off on your travels. Although there are very few original elements left in the villa, the Fireplace hall manages to surprise you with two of them: there is a gorgeous fireplace with copper embellishments, and – for those lucky to notice them – hooks above the doors next to the fireplace, once used by Mr. Hermann Leopold Ammende to hang his hunting trophies. Come and have a closer look! The pattern on the wall is not wallpaper but has been painted here with a thin brush, one stroke at a time. This pattern did not adorn these walls when the villa was built but was “imported” from a room on the 1st floor where it was no longer needed after the room changed functions.

  • 88,9 m2

  • Fireplace evening for 6
    Standing reception for 80
    Concert / Theatre performance for 80
    Coffee break for 100
    Registration of marriage for 100

Restaurant hall

The restaurant hall of today used to be the space where Mr. and Mrs. Ammende hosted their common guests. The hall is tied together by a beautiful chandelier, one of the few original interior details that has survived. The ceiling paintings and the wall pattern are also close to the original. The restaurant hall is the sunniest space in our villa.

  • 76,2 m2

  • Banquet dinner for 36
    Long table dinner for 14
    Standing reception for 30
    Coffee break for 36

Event hall

Our biggest and most versatile hall was also originally used for hosting grander events and high-spirited parties. The colour schemes of the spaces have been restored as close to original as possible. That was not easy since the only reference points were the black and white photos from the early days of the villa. Hence we had to turn to the laboratories who helped us to identify correct colours from the samples taken from the walls. Some of the shades were deliberately softened during renovations for the bold colours of art nouveau not to cause too much vertigo for the modern eye. So should you ever end up asking “Why does this blue wall need to be this blue?”, it probably means that it used to be even bluer at some point in time.

  • 98 m2

  • Seminar or lecture, theatre style for 80
    Seminar, U-layout for 26
    Seminar, round table setting for 32
    Seminar, classroom setting for 35
    Dinner with U-layout for 50
    Dinner, banquet style for 92
    Long table dinner for 20
    Standing reception for 100
    Concert / Theatre performance for 80

Dinner hall

Originally, this space was a private office for Mr. Ammende’s business meetings. Here he met up with his friends and business partners, and the decisions made between these walls often successfully influenced Estonian economy and politics. Today this space is a dinner hall where bigger groups of people can enjoy long table lunches or dinners just like a family.

  • 67 m2

  • Seminar: round table for 14 people
    Dinner: long table for 14 people
    Lunch: for 24 people


About 100 years ago, this boudoir belonged to Mrs. Ammende who used it for welcoming her private guests. In the day, husbands and wives did not enter their respective partner’s private rooms without permission. The colour scheme of this space has also been restored close to the original, and here you will find the only original furniture piece that once belonged to the Ammende family – a beautifully carved cupboard. The boudoir pays homage to the history of the villa – since the house was built for a wedding, one can always find a wedding dress on display here, always designed by an Estonian designer.

  • 40 m2

  • Cocktail evening for 20
    Coffee break for 20


The most secluded and silent space on our ground floor, the best place for focusing and delving into things. Historically, this was the area for the service rooms, and also the location for the family’s silver cupboard with a size resembling that of a safe. Today, every guest is welcome to use the silence of the study to get some work done (unless someone is in the middle of their business meeting already). It is also worth mentioning that the study comes with a secure ISDN line, so if you need extra security for a work meeting, we got it covered.

  • 46 m2

  • Round table meeting for 8
    Round table business lunch for 8
    Coffee break for 8


Our newest room to be opened to the guests, this verandah used to be a storage area for a long time. Now it is a cosy space with large windows and a perfect spot for reading a book in the hanging chair or for watching seasons change. It is also an ideal space for having cocktails with your friends. In peak winter time it might get a bit cooler in here as it is, after all, a verandah.

  • 28,6 m2

  • Cocktail evening for 8
    Coffee break for 20

Garden and terrace

The old oak trees are the pride and joy of our garden. They have grown so tall that some of them even block the views from the tower. Although most of the trees were planted after the villa was finished, one of them is especially old, reaching 150 years in age. Both our garden fence and our oak tree park are under national heritage protection.

The garden can be functionally divided into three made-up sections. There is the manicured front garden. Then the terrace that functions as a visual and mental extension to the interior space. And the back garden that is fit for concerts and offers enough space to run around. Here you can also find the children’s playground and our comfortable lounging chairs which always allure readers with their books. Just give us a wave and we will also provide you with an afternoon tipple.


  • 6300 m2

  • 110 m2

  • Garden:
    Concert for 2000
    Theatre performance for 1000
    Picnic, barbeque for 300
    Garden party for 1000
    Registration of marriage for 300

    Dinner for 50


According to our legend, the tower was built for Ellen, the daughter of the family who liked looking out to the sea to see whether her husband, a ship captain, was to be seen on the horizon. Truth be told, the tower was probably added for vanity. Even today we can boast of being the only building (and a hotel!) in Pärnu that has its own tower.

Naturally, we also believe our tower to hold the highest concentration of romance in Pärnu, by far, as it is a spot where many marriage proposals get made. We still remember a dinner that started at 7 pm and ended at 7 am the next morning with a happy “Yes!” at the end. Tower dinners are a special challenge for our restaurant family, by the way. Every dish or drink needs to be victoriously carried up 106 steps.

  • 18 m2

  • Private lunch or dinner for 2
    Private cocktail night for 8