The keyword for this year’s (2018) summer A la carte menu is teamwork. Our kitchen team is eager to learn and develop, committed and passionate about food. Thanks to that, all our experienced chefs had a chance to create the dishes and flavours for this menu. The menu can be described as a combination of different flavours from men with a hint of petulance and demandingness from the lady of the kitchen team.

We are proud to present Villa Ammende kitchen souls and authors of flavours:

  • Mihkel Heinmets a Chef de Cuisine
  • Martin Kuusik a Sous Chef
  • Albiina Ollakainen a Sous Chef
  • Martin Rondo a Chef de partie

Enjoy our meals along with Ammende’s authentic bread, made afterA�100 years old secret recipe.


  • Tuna sashimi
    14.00 €

    Crispy brioche, green garden herbs, red caviar dressing (L, G)

  • Scallops, mussels and pike perch cheeks
    16.00 €

    Glasswort, artichoke chips and beurre Blanc dressing (L)

  • Goat cheese flan
    14.00 €

    Caramelized beet, green garden salad, olive tapenade and peach dressing (L, G)

  • Beef tar-tar
    15.00 €

    Browned butter, grated egg yolk and green salad (L)

  • Foie gras
    16.00 €

    Roasted brioche, blackcurrants, apple and blackpepper juice (L, G)


  • Gazpacho
    10.00 €

    Pickled smoked cherry tomatoes, dried goat cheese and basil

  • Bouillabaisse aka rich seafood stew
    15.00 €

    Served with dill-lemon thyme oil (L)


  • Beef linguine pasta
    15.00 €

    Served with creamy mushroom souce and roasted tomatoes (L, G)

  • Rabbit ravioli with parmesan cheese
    12.00 €

    Pickled tomatoes, nutmeg and roasted almonds (L, G)

Main Courses

  • Seasonal fish
    22.00 €

    Served with saffron risotto and parsley sauce (L)

  • Octopus
    26.00 €

    Ink risotto, red onion-tomato jam, creamy saffron sauce (L)

  • Roasted duck breast
    22.00 €

    Cauliflower with delicate spices, butter roasted asparagus, black salt sauce (L)

  • Elk filet
    28.00 €

    Selery puree, caramelized shallot onions, roasted paprika sauce (L)

  • Entrecôte
    28.00 €

    Fries, creamy Savoy cabbage, mushrooms and garlic demi-glace (L)


  • Tahitian vanilla bean panna cotta
    7.00 €

    Scorched pinapple, rum and something sour (L)

  • Passion fruit tart
    7.00 €

    Raspberry-cream cheese cream and mint syrup (L, G)

  • Spruce crème brûlée
    7.00 €

    Strawberry granita and strawberry foam (G, L)

  • Selection of handcrafted ice creams made in „Villa Ammende“ (L)
    8.00 €

  • Chocolate cake
    7.00 €

    Strawberry-vanilla cream and lemon thyme sorbet (L, G)

  • Exclusive farm cheeses from „Kolotsi“ for two guests (L)
    15.00 €