Merchant’s feast for 12 people


The historic interior, fancy parties and mysterious history accompanying the house have been the guests’ favourite already from the beginning of times. Let us have a look back to the time when the Ammende family lived here. What was the further destiny of the family and the house and how we, Ammende family, work today in the finest house in Pärnu. Champagne and the best of wines, table covered with traditional delicacies, roast baked in oven and the family’s favourite cakes take the pleasant centre of the entire evening.


What can you expect at the merchant’s feast?

  • The kitchen chief Margus has covered the long table with platters, brought out the soup tureens and roasted meat in the tiled stove of our biggest hall. And we also have the most delicious homemade preserves from our pantry;
  • The host Stiven who is the Ammende family historian introduces you to the mysterious aspects of Ammende’s history and takes you on a tour around the house;
  • Sommelier Mari brings the best Champagne, wines and cognac from the cellar. Everything as Hermann Ammende would have done it;
  • We finish the evening on the porch or by the fireplace, sharing impressions of the evening and enjoying the finest drinks. The host also brings out the cigar case;
  • Surprises are to come until the moment of leaving.


Spend an extraordinary and unforgettable evening with family or friends in a unique villa!

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