What would be perfect Christmas time for you?

Villa Ammende offers a breathtaking Art Nouveau environment with flaming fire in fireplaces,A�festive table setting, hot mulled wine and delicious meals Just let us know your desires andA�we are delighted to arrange an unforgettable Christmas time for you and your family. Villa Ammende magical castle awaits you.

We have a large selection of menus, there is something suitable for everyone:



Creamy cauliflower puree a�� smoked beef tongue, 63A�C egg and lobster consommA�(L)

Oven-roasted beet and goat cheese salad a�� served with caramelized peach, toasted nuts and Dijon and honey vinaigrette *

Mushroom soup a�� with melted cheese toast and chives* (L)

40A�C salmon a�� with chicken and potato consommA�, samphire and sunchoke crisps

Poached duck a�� with pureed Brussels sprouts, crispy duck skin and apple (L)


Duck confit a�� with stewed red cabbage, roasted potatoes and currant and red wine sauce (L)

Pork belly a�� with puree of peas, caramelized vegetables and BA�arnaise sauce (L)

Vegetable stew a�� with sage crumble and crispy kale* (L)

Braised beef cheek a�� with mashed potatoes and glazed carrots (L)

White fish a�� with celery puree, bacon stew and red wine sauce (L)


Dark chocolate pudding a�� with an orange-almond crust (G, L)

Lingonberry-cinnamon semifreddo (L)

Strawberry soup a�� with caramelized white chocolate ice cream and chocolate

crumble, and chocolate mint leaves (G, L)

Baked apple a�� with milk and lemon thyme cream and crispy biscuits (G, L)

Long-pepper panna cotta a�� with lime and strawberry syrup (L)

*Vegetarian option; Includes: G a�� gluten; L a�� lactose; P a�� nuts

Three-course menu a�� 25 euros per person (starter + main + dessert)
Four-course menu a�� 30 euros per person (2 starters + main + dessert)
Five-course menu a�� 35 euros per person (2 starters + main + 2 desserts)

Minimum size of the group is 10 people. Please book 5 days in advance.

If your party is smaller or you have a craving for Christmas food on last minute we have a selection of Christmas food daily as part of our A? la carte menu as well.

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