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Restoran Pärnus


The following food wisdom dates back to a cooking book from 1913 or to the time when Villa Ammende was young: “The mood plays an utmost role when one starts to eat. When a person is upset, angry, for some reason, sulky or in other words scared, one should consider postponing the meal until a better mood has been achieved.”

  • À la carte

    Our chef offers a menu, that brings together fresh ideas and Ammende traditions.

  • Drinks list

    Ammende cocktail list is just like an old oak in the corner of the terrace. In its beauty and simplicity the tree represents the same values that Ammende family wine and cocktail list requires around the year.

  • Kids menu

    The children’s menu is so healthy and lovely that it will make both the parents and hopefully the kids rejoice. We are quite certain of the latter since all the dishes are tested by our little guests.

  • Breakfast

    We have always been very proud of our breakfasts. Everyone can choose their favourite from the a la carte menu, accompanied by delicious coffee and a kind family. The bubbly obviously as well. You can come to breakfast even if you don't stay overnight!

  • Merchant’s feast

    Ammende family invites you to a family dinner. This dinner takes us back 100 years in history to the long dinner table in the summer home of merchant Hermann Leopold Ammende. Yes, the very same summer home where the family of Villa Ammende restaurant and hotel hosts their guests today.

  • Special menus

    Coffee breaks, group menus and a buffet - an ideal choices for seminars and business meetings, but also for small gatherings with friends or celebrations.