Villa Ammende is a small hotel. We have many halls and splendid garden, that allow us to offer you the opportunity to relax and dine so, that you can have distance from other guests. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner we will bring to your room, is you wish so.

We follow the requirements and recommendations from the government to make sure we can do all possible to reduce the virus distribution. The surfaces are always shining, but now we carry on additional cleaning, disinfection and ventilation of the premises. There are disinfectants available for all guests in the public halls and we keep the distance (current rule in Estonia is to keep 2 meter distance from others and enjoy the company of your own family only).

Ammende family makes sure every morning that everyone here is happy and healthy. Please do the same when you come to visit us!

Please postpone your stay if you have had COVID-19 during the last 14 days, or you have been in contact with someone with the virus or someone with the symptoms of the virus (fever, dry cough and breathing difficulties).