• Green Lounge

    Richly decorated Green Salon is unique for the fact that on the cabin ceiling hangs a beautiful original chandelier from 1905. Cabin has a beautiful view to the oak garden. […]

  • Blue Hall

    The most spacious hall of Villa Ammende was a hundred years ago family Ammende dining room. Size of the hall provides the perfect opportunity to place the furniture exactly the […]

  • Wine Hall

    Romantic and sophisticated style Wine Hall is ideal for undisturbed meetings. This hall also has a fireplace. For booking and more information, please contact us by email sale@ammende.ee, phone +372 447 3888 or […]

  • Red Lounge

    Red Lounge was created for Mr. Ammende business meetings. There he met his friends and business partners, decisions made between those walls, often created commercial success of Estonia. Spirit of […]

  • Billiard Lounge

    The Billiard Lounge have been intimate salon of Mrs. Ammende for adoption her special guests. Now there is the lobby bar and billiard table and cosy seating area, ideal for a small […]