Counseling (30 min) 15 EUR
Filoori refreshing facial care (45 min) 65 EUR
Mesotheraphy refreshing procedure (45 min)
face 65 EUR
face + neck 80 EUR
cleavage 75 EUR
Filorga mesotheraphy intensive skin care (45 min)
face 125 EUR
face + neck 150 EUR
cleavage 100 EUR
Filoori VIP Mesotheraphy (45 min)
face 150 EUR
face + neck 175 EUR
cleavage 125 EUR
mesobotox mesotherapy price + 50-100 EUR
Filorga Anti-Ageing peel (20 min)
face 45 EUR
face + neck 55 EUR
face + neck + cleavage 65 EUR
hands 25 EUR
Skin care for acne and oily skin (60 min)
face 55 EUR
face + neck 65 EUR
back 75 EUR
acne laser treatment 100 EUR
discount price for adolescent 25 EUR
Skin laser rejuvenation treatments (30 min)
face 150 EUR
face + neck 175 EUR
face + neck + cleavage 250 EUR
cleavage 100 EUR
hands 100 EUR
Skin laser treatment of facial thread veins, couperosa and sun damaged skin (60 min)
nose spider veins 125 EUR
cheeks 175 EUR
cleavage 225 EUR
neck 175 EUR
hands 175 EUR
face(cheeks+chin+forehead+nose) 275 EUR
Laser hair removal
upper lip 125 EUR
upper lip + chin 175 EUR
upper lip + cheeks 225 EUR
upper lip + chin + neck 175 EUR
forearm 175 EUR
upper arm 275 EUR
under arm 275 EUR
legs 275 EUR
thighs 275 EUR
bikini area 275 EUR
Injection therapy, hyaluronic acid (60 min)
Procedure fee 150 – 200 EUR
1 ml ampull (X-HA3) 120 EUR
1 ml ampull (M-HA18) 80 EUR
Body treatment Bodypeel (60 min) 95 EUR

Refreshing and relaxing facial treatment offers for everybody wishing to restore their beautiful, radiant and elastic skin. Facial care consists of anti-ageing chemical peeling, massage and mask.

Mesotherapy is a course of treatments reviving and highly rejuvenating the skin. It gives the skin a radiant glow and evens out small wrinkles and pigmentation spots. A special Mesotherapy Device is used to administer microinjections into the skin. The treatment is painless. Mesotherapy can also be combined with other treatments such as laser to gain the maximum skin rejuvenating results.
A small thin needle is injected into the skin introducing vitamins, hyaluronic acid and various pharmaceuticals. Amino Acids, minerals and antioxidants can also be used. The microinjections enable significantly higher concentrations to be delivered directly into the skin. Also some ingredients that are unable to absorb into the skin can be injected. The effectiveness depends upon the ingredients used and their function on the skin. The tiny abrations caused by the needle stimulates the growth factors on the skin and enables skin renewal.
Mesobotox-treatment is used for lifting and firming the facial skin.

In Chemical peels a chemical solution is used to brighten, firm and smooth the texture of the facial skin by removing its damaged outer layers. The renewed skin has a youthful complexion and better function ability.
Chemical peels are used for:

  • Reduced skin tone and pigmentation disorders
  • Uneven skin and large pores
  • Pigmentation spots, Solar Lentigos
  • Mild Acne and Rosacea
  • Wrinkles and other age related changes
  • UV Damage and Photoaging

A light chemical peel, medium-depth peel or a deep peel can be done depending on the needs of your skin. There is hardly any need for recovery time for a light chemical peel but it may be necessary to have a course of treatments to achieve a good visible result.

Acne is a very common skin condition, even 90% of teenagers have acne in their skin. Adulthood acne is also common, 5% women and 3% of men can still have acne at the age of 40-50. Acne is a immunological skin infection, the details of the condition is still under investigation. Hormonal changes like puberty and genes make you more prone to acne. The sebaceous glands of the skin are more active and the skin is more oily than normal.
Acne is seen in the areas where there are lots of sebaceous glands, on face, chest and back. Black- and whiteheads can be seen when the sebaceous gland is blocked. The blocked sebaceous glands get infected and red spots and discharge form abscesses called cysts. The bacteria in the sebaceous cysts worsen the skin infection. It is unclear, why some develop acne during puberty and others during adulthood.
Mild acne can be controlled with regular skin cleansing and by using products from the pharmacy or by using doctors prescribed medicated treatment. It is very important to use right skin care products as for example an oily face cream can worsen the symptoms of acne. A course of oral antibiotics over couple of months is usually required for the treatment of moderate acne. Severe acne causing scarring can be treated efficiently with medication only prescribed by Dermatologists. Sebaceous cysts can be treated if needed with therapeutic medication injections. Acne can also be treated by laser-, radiofrequence- and lightimpulse or by a chemical peel done by Dermatologist.
In the treatment of acne, it is important to follow the daily facial cleansing routine and use the right skincare products. Salisylic acid – or bentsolperokside -based products are suitable to use at home, these are available at the pharmacy. It is advaisable to have blackheads caused by comedoacne seen to at the cosmetologist on regular basis. Skin care products used should not be too oily and cause blackheads.

We use the newest Laser technology here at Filoori Salon. Our laser treatment is almost pain free and no sick leave is requierd. The laser equipment at the salon is safe and effective and the treatment result is natural. Our treatments does not cause the deep burns and therefore there is no risk of burn-related abnormal pigmentation. The laser treatment is also combined with Mesotherapy which rehydrates the skin giving the skin a brighter complexion and it has a firming and wrinkle smoothing effect on the skin.

  • Skin rejuvenation and firming (e.g. face, neck, cleavage area)
  • Skin renewal and treatment og pigmentation spots
  • Wrinkle treatment
  • Treatment of facial thread veins and couperosa
  • Sun damaged skin
  • Spider veins
  • Acne and rosacea
  • Hair removal

Skin pigmentation is dependant up on skins thickness, blood supply, metabolism and nutrition. Genetic background and hormones are contributing factors for skin color. Skin protects itself from UV-damage by producing melanin, causing tanning.
Vitiligo is a white skin pigmentation disorder, where melanocytes disappear from the skin. White pigmentation spots and areas can also be caused by other illnesses of the skin and fungal infection. All white pigmentation cannot be treated but ita��s best to start trying treatment at an early stage of change, the pigment may still recover. Pigmentation disorders caused by fungal infection normally return back to normal after the infection has cleared.
Over pigmentation is normally seen on sun exposed areas such as face, neck and decolte area and back of hands. Liver spots are common problem women tend to get, contributing factors are genetic background, sunlight and hormones. Mechanical irritation can also cause darkening of the skin.
The dark areas can be treated with local topical medication, superficial chemical peel and light impulse-radiofrequence treatment. The tendency for skin darkening is usually continuous and needs to be prevented from renewing by using home remedy- program. It is also very important to use sun protection, factor 50.

Rosacea is a long term skin disorder usually seen on the mid-facial area. The symptoms include constant redness of the face, dilated capillaries, flushed appearance of the cheeks and nose, swelling and pimples during inflammation. Couperose is characterized by redness and the presence of enlarged blood vessels on the face. Trauma and friction of the skin can cause enlarged blood vessels. They are also formed due to ageing, UV-rays, smoking and radiotherapy treatment. The prolonged enlargement of the veins leads to damaged capillaries. Couperose is often linked with rosacea and seen with lupus erythematosus (SLE), dermatomyositis and scleroderma. Redness and dilated capillaries doesn’t necessarily mean you have acne rosacea.
Rosacea is more common in women and usually starts at the age of 30-50, but symptoms can already start in puberty, especially if it runs in the family. Two of the most prevalent damaging aggressions are UV exposure and temperature extremes. The contributing factors for rosacea seem to be unclear, but sun damage and genetic factors bare relevance.
There are several factors that contribute to rosacea; environmental factors such as UV-damage, climate conditions and harsh weather particularly wind and cold, sudden changes in temperature contribute to the condition. Many foods, alcohol and medication such as ACE-inhibitors, opiates, nicotinic acid, and statins worsen symptoms.
There are three stages in treating rosacea: Treating the inflammation, treating the damaged capillaries by removing them and by avoiding the contributing factors that worsen the symptoms.

Nowadays unwanted hair can be removed permanently. At Filoori, we use the IPL Technology. The treatment is effective and close to pain-free.
The treatment affects the hair in their growth stage. During treatment some hair will be in a resting period of the growth cycle, this is why three or more treatment sessions are usually required. Although You will notice the effect already after first treatment. If the area is very hairy, the hair is blond or the skin is dark, more than five treatment sessions maybe required. The Hormones can also increase the hair growth.
The first treatment sessions on the face and facial area will be done in every 4-6 weeks, body in 8-10 weeks and the lower limbs in 12-15 weeks. The treatment need varies depending of the growth of the hair and only the areas of growth will be treated on subsequent sessions. The frequency of subsequent treatments will also reduce over time.
Tanning and tanning lotions should not be used for two weeks before laser hair removal. The procedure is not recommended to perform on strongly tanned skin.
Hair removal such as plucking, waxing, sugaring and mechanical epilation should not be done for 6 weeks prior to treatment. Cutting and shaving is allowed.

Hyaluronic Acid is used as a dermal and soft tissue filler for facial rejuvenation (wrinkle filler), it is injected under the skin. It evens out any skin depression, folds and wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid abolishes from the body after couple of months. It also rehydrates the skin very effectively. Dermal Fillers are very quick and easy to use and they can be injected during the consultation and renewed when necessary.
Injectable Dermal fillers are most commonly used to even out the wrinkles between the eye brows and the wrinkles of the corners of the mouth and nose.