Whiskey tasting with dinner

Dear friends! On March 31 at 7 pm, we invite you to Pärnu to enjoy a special and unique whiskey evening. It's a full-length whiskey dinner, the like that is hard to find! But that’s not all! Thierry Guillon, the founder of Distillery GUILLON, is attemding and personally presents the whiskeys to you!

Did you know, that in Champagne, France, they also make whiskey? In GUILLON distillery, est. 1997, their motto is „Neithe whiskey nor Bourbon this is GUILLON“. You may find this strong spirit in all of it´s beauty with eye-catching bottles, from each noble Champagne district liquor store and wine shop. Now you have the opportunity to meet and taste this exciting drink in here, in Estonia. Not to mention, it is from Champagne after all! To make your journey of flavors even more special, let us present our „Whiskey night“ special menu in which you´ll see a special „guest“ from Estonia MOE distillery – rye malt whiskey. In total we will taste 8 different drinks!


Bites and whiskeys

Smoked salmon and fresh cucumber roulade
Guillon Cuvée 42

Smoked eel truffle in chive breading
Guillon Cuvée 46

Oyster with onion-chili vinaigrette
Guillon Finition Champagne

Blue cheese with strawberry
Guillon Finition Sauternes

Spicy roasted deer with onion jam
Guillon Finition Châteauneuf du pape

Main course and 2 whiskeys

Roasted duck
plum ragout marinated in whiskey, asparagus and wine sauce

Guillon nr. 1
Eesti Rukkilinnaseviski Tamm&Rukis

Dessert and whiskey

Tiramisu and buckthorn coulis
Guillon Finition Azur

Final chord – whiskey and Champagne  cocktail

My Golden Dram
Guillon Cuvée 42 , Diebolt Vallois Champagne, Angostura bitter and sugar


Delicious appetizers, exciting main course, „melt in your mouth“ dessert and for a final treat a very special cocktail, made with whiskey and champagne, that takes you back to Champagne district in France. We welcome all of you to join us on this very unique and special evening, at Villa Ammende!


Whiskey tasting with the dinner is 119€ per person

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