New Year’s Eve festive dinner ’’Timeless elegance’’

On the New Year's Eve at 7pm we invite you to enjoy the timeless elegance at Villa Ammende restaurant!

As a welcome, we will offer a glass of Drappier Carte d’or Brut champagne. According to the champagne master Michael Drappier, who is the owner of Drappier champagne house and has been celebrated with life’s work award, Drappier Carte d’or Brut champagne is ”the expression of Drappier’s style”.

During the dinner we will serve the 5 course menu, which is a cross-section of our winter a la carte menu with the addition of small surprises specifically for this night.

For the time in between we have mood music from our favourite musician Siim Roos (piano and vocals) who this time is accompanied by Emma Johanna Lepasoo (vocals). Together they make a brilliant and creative salon music duo, offering well-known musical bites for the listeners in acoustic style. The repertoire of the duo includes melodies from Estonia as well as the world’s pop classics, so there will certainly be familiar songs for everyone.

For the big moment of the evening, the hostess of Mulligalerii, Kristel Voltenberg, will festively open a 15-litre Drappier Carte d’or Brut champagne of which everyone will have a glass. The opening of the gigantic 15-litre bottle will certainly have both style and elegance! 15-litre bottle of champagne equals the size of 20 regular bottles of champagne and bears the grand name Nebuchadnezzar Champagne from Drappier. The content is Drappier classical cuvée Carte d’Or (meaning golden card), 80% Pinot Noir, 15 % Chardonnay, 5 Meunier, aged in a 15-litre bottle which takes considerably more time than a regular bottle of champagne.

The New Year’s Eve is full of mystique and magic as for the entertainment we have a special guest  ”Madame Mystique”, who will help to get a glimpse of the new year through cards. The guests have the chance to get answers to their heart desires to enter the new year in peace and joy.


Goat cheese
Smoked salmon, salad and walnut

Venison, spinach, parsley and leek

Zucchini, bimi, caper and wakame

Lamb carre
Peas, leek and lemongrass

Crème brülee
Coffee and lemon

Festive dinner with surprizes and Champagne 159€

For children (up to 12yrs) special price 79€ (includes kids menu and soft drinks)

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Book online or call +372 447 3888