Tõnis Mägi „The Power of the Word“
16th of July at 8PM in Villa Ammende garden

The concert “The Power of the Word” gives the listener the opportunity to peek closely into the mysterious world of Tõnis Mägi and be with him on a journey that inspires the musician. We see how the musician’s songs are born and we can hear the author deciphering his work. Each story of Tõnis reflects a different world, different moments from his life and Estonian cultural history, because he is a man who shone for decades not only in the rocky sky of his homeland but in the entire former Soviet Union and who later became the greatest singer uniting the Estonian people.

This is the power of Tõnis Mägi’s Word.

Ticket information:

Ticket price 22.00 €

Tickets available on Piletilevi.ee and 1-hour prior to the concert on the spot.

Villa Ammende’s large garden has enough space for everyone, so you can keep your distance and enjoy a wonderful concert on a delightful summer evening!

There is a café open for concert visitors, a variety of drinks and delicious cakes in the menu. Also, as a special offer this summer a picnic basket.

During the concert, we offer a set menu, at Villa Ammende Terrace Restaurant, to participate please book a table in advance.

  • Date: 16.07.2020 - 16.07.2020
  • Time: 20:00