Villa Ammede 20th jubilee dinner journey through Villa Ammende with Drappier champagne
27th of September at 7pm

September is Villa Ammende jubilee month – our hotel and restaurant is 20 years old now! Let’s celebrate together – we have special offers for a whole month for you! The most special event of the month is our jubilee dinner with a journey through Villa Ammende, accompanied with champagne and the representative from Drappier Champagne producer.

Drappier is a wine grower and champagne producer (Négociant Manipulant, NM) in the north-eastern French region of Champagne in the Cote des Bar (from Aube, Urville) since 1808. Many grande marque fans believe that  Aube should not belong under the champagne appeal. Yet Champagne Drappier is one of the best boutique champagne makers in the world. It is a dignified champagne house, a little hidden pearl.


Unlike many others, Champagne Drappier is a family-run family-owned business that has either migrated out of the family or sold to large companies for commercial reasons. The family history goes back to 1604.

Carte d’Or, the business card of the Champagne House, was born in 1952 and has received numerous international awards.

It is also worth mentioning that Drappier was Charles de Gaulle’s favorite champagne. The Cuvee Charles de Gaulle, one of the house champagne, has also been named in honor of the former president.

You will meet Eric Maillot, a champagne house spokesman, who will tell you more about champagne house and their champagnes.

On this evening we pamper your taste buds and offer new knowledge about champagne, and in addition take you through Villa Ammende’s entire house, room by room, emotion in hand with a history  you haven’t experienced before.

Jubilee dinner menu

Egg cream and caviar
Egg, caviar and dried egg yolk

Duck confit truffle
Truffle mayonnaise and seeds crisp

Shrimp tartare
Cranberry gel and fried moss

Main course

Beef filet
Parsley root cream, vegetables and red wine sauce

Jubilee cake

Drappier champagne

Carte d´Or
Blanc de Blancs
Rose de Saignée
Cuvee Charles de Gaulle
Ratafia de Champagne

 Dinner pice 99€ /pp
Dinner and accommodation in Deluxe room with breakfast for two is 299€

The dinner takes you to the journey through Villa Ammende, therefore the availability is limited. Book now to save your spot to th event.

To book call  +372 447 3888 or write

  • Date: 27.09.2019 - 27.09.2019
  • Time: 19:00