Evelin Samuel-Randvere, Johan Randvere and Marten Altrov

Christmas Concert „JõuluDuur“
18th of December at 7pm 

Christmas is a time to be happy, to celebrate, to be with your family and to have a joy in everyday.

And this is the way we bring you our Christmas spirit and the concert – in major, in happiness, no minor, no sorrow! There will be songs which makes you thinking and dreaming, but also brings you joy.

All thought the Christmas is not quite here yet, let the spirit inside you and soon enough it will come, right after this heart warming concert!

Evelin Samuel-Randvere (vocal)
Johan Randvere (piano)
Marten Altrov (clarinet)

Ticket information
Adults 18 €
Children 7-12y 15 €
Client w/ special needs/ guide 15 €
On concert day 20 € for everyone

Tickets available on Piletilevi.ee and 1-hour prior to the concert.

Villa Ammende coffee salongs are open for our concert guests, from the menu you will find different beverages and delicious cakes.

To make this evening even more magical we recommend to enjoy our Christmas menu in the restaurant before or after the concert! Book the table now:

  • Date: 18.12.2019 - 18.12.2019
  • Time: 19:00