Hernan Romero & Kestutis Vaiginis project “Strings and Air” on the 24th of August, at 7pm

Unique opportunity to see unforgettable project which gathers very different performers from all genres in order to create mesmerising music show. Elements of jazz, dance, flamenco and contemporary music unite on one stage.

We offer you an evening full of energy and warm rhythms, which gives opportunity to explore original compositions of jazz and flamenco. Artists gather their experiences from world jazz and flamenco, to create vital, professional and unique show, which flows with energy, particular styles and mesmerising improvisations.

HERNAN ROMERO – guitar, vocal, cajon


One of Hernan Romero videos here

Tickets sold at www.piletilevi.ee and Villa Ammende reception.

To enhance the concert experience also book a table in our restaurant for dinner:

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  • Date: 24.08.2017
  • Time: 19:00