The Republic of Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary in February! We would be delighted to help you make a great gift for someone or help you lay the festive table for this occasion!

The box made of Estonian birch, especially handcrafted for this occasion, is filled with delicious new tastes from our chefs to accompany our selection of handmade breads. It is a most wonderful way to spice up an evening of good wines and company or perhaps add new flavour to your feast.

In the pantry, you will find:img_5737

  • Ox liver paté (200g)
  • Cured venison fillet (150g)
  • Duck confit (200g)
  • „Sauternes“ onion jam (200g)
  • Cucumber pickled in honey and garlic (200g)
  • Pickled beetroot with toasted rosemary (200g)
  • Locally produced honey (140g)
  • Butter, seasoned with leek ash (140g)
  • Ammende anise-lemon schnapps (250ml)
  • Hermann’s bread aka a tale of beet and raisins (500g)
  • Martha’s carrot-onion bread with bacon (500g)

The preserves only contain quality fresh ingredients and do not contain any food additives.

Surprise those close to you, a business partner or a dear colleague with a wonderfully tasty surprise fit for any festivity and feast!

The price of the Festive pantry in February is 100€

The gift can be collected at Villa Ammende or if you should so wish, can also be delivered to a specified address.

NB! Orders to be made three days in advance.

Orders and information at or +372 44 73 888

  • Date: 01.02.2018 ‐ 28.02.2018