C-Jam “Show must go on”
17th of July at 8PM in Villa Ammende garden

The talented C-Jam cello quartet, which always radiates positivity, is going on tour all over Estonia this summer. The show “Show must go on” performs the best songs from its repertoire over the years in beautiful places in the homeland. 

Last year, C-Jam celebrated its 15th anniversary, and during this time, a selection of these songs has included a number of local and world-famous hits from different styles and eras. The concerts feature instrumental songs by Queen, Muse, Status Quo, Led Zeppelin, Ruja and others. The ensemble’s song settings are unique and can only be enjoyed in C-Jami’s performance!

Ticket information:

Regular 22 €
Pensioner 20 €
Children 7-15 y (incl.) 15 €

The entrance opens 1 hour before the start
Duration 1h 20 min 

Tickets available on www.kontsert.ee and 1-hour prior to the concert on the spot.

Villa Ammende’s large garden has enough space for everyone, so you can keep your distance and enjoy a wonderful concert on a delightful summer evening!

There is a café open for concert visitors, a variety of drinks and delicious cakes in the menu. Also, as a special offer this summer a picnic basket.

During the concert, we offer a shortened a’la carte menu, at Villa Ammende Terrace Restaurant, to participate please book a table in advance.

  • Date: 17.07.2020 - 17.07.2020
  • Time: 20:00