The Villa Ammende Restaurant team, lead by its vigorous and creative new chef Herkki Ruubel, offers you food world where pure tastes, inspiration and emotions meet. We offer light and genuine tastes, using only highest quality raw ingredients and local produce. To supplement it, we have also a little herb garden at Villa Ammende grounds.

At the moment we offer short A la carte menu from our new Head Chef Herkki Ruubel. Soon full length menu available as well!


  • Lamb tounge
    10.00 €

    Celery jam and celeriac trio (L)

Vegetarian Main Courses

  • Jerusalem artichoke
    19.00 €

    Jerusalem artichoke, marinated buckthorn and Jerusalem artichoke – buckthorn sauce (L)


  • Onion consomé
    9.00 €

    Onion, garlic, „caviar“ and onion broth (L)

Main Courses

  • Halibut fillet
    21.00 €

    Cauliflower, cale and blue mussel (L)

  • Entrecôte
    28.00 €

    Parsley root cream, fresh vegetables and redwine sauce (L)


  • Pavlova
    9.00 €

    Black tea mousse and meringue (L,G)

  • Blueberry and yogurt
    9.00 €

    Compot, meringue, yogurt ice cream, blueberry foam(L)