Enjoy our meals along with Ammende’s authentic bread, made after 100 years old secret recipe.

Cold First Courses

  • Green salad with charred goat cheese
    14.00 €

    Green salad with charred goat cheese, served with beetroot, caramelized peach, watermelon,

    cucumber-vinegret sauce and chive aioli (L)

  • Foie gras with black coal
    20.00 €

    Foie gras with black goal served with black truffle mayonnaise served with tête de cochon

  • Cold smoked salmon
    14.00 €

    Cold smoked salmon with white asparagus steamed in lemon milk  and cress salad

  • Tuna tartar with miso mayonnaise
    20.00 €

    Tuna tartar with miso mayonnaise served with venison dried beef, sesame seeds, cucumber broth and lemon thyme

  • Smoked chicken salad
    14.00 €

    Smoked chicken salad with 64,7 ˚C egg, roasted plum tomato, watercress and sesame seeds

  • Smoked veal tartar with onion ash
    22.00 €

    Smoked veal tartar with onion ash served with red caviar, crispy onions, cream of smoked eel and

    12 year old vinegar

Hot First Courses

  • Scallops roasted in butter
    16.00 €

    Scallops roasted in butter with oatmeal porridge and matured cow’s milk cheese with creamy safran-butter sauce, served with tomato, chives and black caviar

  • Ratatouille with mussels
    14.00 €

    Ratatouille with mussels with creamy sparkling wine sauce, fresh parsley


  • Chilled melon soup
    12.00 €

    Chilled melon soup with Iberico ham, tiger prawns and mint

Risottos and Pastas

  • Seafood pasta
    21.00 €

    Seafood pasta with tiger prawns and scallops in creamy safran sauce, served with pumpkin seed oil

  • Basil risotto
    21.00 €

    Basil risotto with goat cheese cream, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkinseed oil

  • Basil risotto with scallops roasted in butter
    25.00 €

    Basil risotto with scallops roasted in butter served with lobster foam, black caviar and chervil

Main Courses

  • Lobster cooked in homemade butter
    52.00 €

    Lobster cooked in homemade butter with seasonal greens, roasted salsify, fresh radish and lobster cappuccino

  • Roasted white fish (catch of the day)
    25.00 €

    Roasted white fish (catch of the day) with cauliflower and lemon grass cream and mussels, served in a buttery seaweed and white wine sauce

  • Aged veal tenderloin
    28.00 €

    Aged veal tenderloin (cooked as per your request) with beetroot, green pea stew with smoked ham, artichoke mousseline

  • Venison fillet, dry aged and roasted
    30.00 €

    Venison fillet, dry aged and roasted with black garlic, charred broccoli, broccoli purée and boletus demi-glace 

  • Quail cooked at 65,7 ˚C
    25.00 €

    Quail cooked at 65,7 ˚Cparsnip and tarragon, asparagus seasoned with lemon milk, served with watercress and hay velouté sauce

  • Roasted duck fillet
    25.00 €

    Roasted duck fillet served with parsnip cream with browned butter, grilled pumpkinseeds and crispy kale, hazelnut – white wine sauce


  • Mille-feuille
    11.00 €

    Mille feuille with custard, fresh berries and blackcurrant sauce

  • Lemon tart
    11.00 €

    Lemon tart with fresh berries and mint-apricot glazing

  • 11.00 €

    Chocolate cake with natural cocoa-sugar crumble, smoked milk foam and butter sauce

  • Baked apple ice cream
    11.00 €

    Baked apple ice cream with caramellised rice crumble, lemon thyme, dried milk, bilberry jam and bilberry meringue

  • Juustuvalik
    18.00 €