Enjoy our meals along with Ammende’s authentic bread, made after 100 years old secret recipe.

Cold First Courses

  • Pike perch au cru seasoned with smoked salt
    16.00 €

    Served with singed trout fennel, radish, estragon and 12-year- old vinegar

  • Aged beef tartare
    16.00 €

    With Hollandaise sauce, chives, pickle, quail egg, toasted sesame seeds and cilantro salad

  • Foie gras
    14.00 €

    With strained yoghurt, onion marmalade, deep-fried kale, Sauternes sauce and marinated apple

  • Roasted leek
    12.00 €

    With fennel cream and fennel salad

Hot First Courses

  • 40g Ossetra caviar
    125.00 €

    With black truffle, onion, sour cream and blinis

  • Scallops roasted in butter
    16.00 €

    With oatmeal, aged cow’s milk cheese and creamy saffron butter sauce. Served with tomato, chives and red caviar



  • Smoked wild mushroom stock
    14.00 €

    Enoki-ravioli, dried artichoke and black truffle oil

  • Homaari bisque with raw scallops
    16.00 €

    Served with black garlic emulsion and spruce oil

Main Courses

  • Lobster poached in butter
    52.00 €

    Served with pearl couscous, aged cheese and Hollandaise sauce

  • Pike perch sauté in butter
    28.00 €

    With braised octopus, singed trout, Jerusalem artichoke and dried tomato in safran sauce

  • Sirloin aged for 48 hours
    28.00 €

    Cooked as per your request, accompanied by seasonal vegetables in demi glace with winter potato cream, served with shiitake mushrooms cooked in butter

  • „Black“ roasted lamb fillet and lamb tongue
    24.00 €

    Served with celery mousseline, wild mushrooms and Sauternes’ sauce

  • Duck fillet aged for 72 hours
    22.00 €

    With toasted spring onion, fennel, roasted pumpkin seeds and crispy kale in a hazelnut-white wine sauce

  • Corn chicken cooked at 63 °C
    25.00 €

    With toasted walnuts, semolina and sorrel


  • Mille-feuille
    11.00 €

    „Long pepper and goat cheese“ with raspberry juice

  • Chocolate mousse
    11.00 €

    With dried chocolate, chocolate crumble, cherries, caramellized nut pralinee, smoked salt and bacon

  • Baked apple
    11.00 €

    With lemon cream, lemon thyme, dried milk, blueberry and caramel

  • Fresh spruce ice cream
    11.00 €

    With toasted moss, spruce consommé, spruce oil and cranberries prepared in different ways

  • Carefully selected cheeses
    16.00 €

    Served with dried bread and blackberry jam