This exhibition, inspired from international sculpture symposium „Stone Age“, will present unique trend in stone miniature scuplture world.

Beautiful art, reached us thanks to a world´s famous jewel making company Fabergé craftsmen, whos precious and semi-precious stone sculpture unique world has been fascinating Russian czars and worlD´s crowned heads for centuries.

In the twenties last century, those skilled craftsmen continued their journey and beloved work in Russian urals where they founded art school in Perm for stonemasonry and sculptures to carry on those unique techniques.

Jewel making company Fabergé beloved motives and nature lives along in todays craftsmen work. Miniatures and decoative nature of motives, human- and humorous animal figures.minikivi

On the exhibition of miniature sculptures you can admire and buy small sculptures form the best craftsman from Russia:

Andrey Belev, Vitali Gnatjuk , Stepan Krivoschekov, Sergey Nechaev, Anatoly Ovchinnikov, Roman Ovchinnikov, Tatyana Ovchinnikova.

The exhibition opening takes place on 14th of March.

Exhibition is open from 15th of March until 31st of March, daily 12noon-5pm

The entrance is admission free, we look forward to welcome to enjoy the exhibition and relax in our cafe lounge! 

  • Date: 15.03.2019 ‐ 31.03.2019