10. December 2016

    For those hasty in their Christmas planning, those searching for the perfect gift for a loved one or in a hurry to set your festive table for friends – fret no… Read more


    10. December 2016

    Expecting company? But who will handle the cooking? The Ammende family kitchen has been busy ahead of this wonderful season doing just that. We will deliver a delicious goose roast to your doorstep… Read more

  • Beauty treatments in Villa Ammende

    01. November 2016

    Beauty treatments in Villa Ammende We have great news for you! Beauty salon FILOORI opened… Read more

  • Prix Villégiature press release

    26. January 2016

    Nominee of the category „The Best Charming Hotel in Europe“ On 19th of October at Paris Hilton Opera Bacrat’ Hall, the jury of the Villegiature… Read more

  • Haute Grandeur Award press release

    26. January 2016

    Villa Ammende, in Pärnu set to be the city’s premier destination for dining, holiday, entertaining and business. We are delighted to inform you that The… Read more