BLIND DINNER (indoor, exciting)

We invite you to the secret garden of tastes. Vision plays a major role in human perception. If vision is somehow blocked, we immediately perceive the world very differently. The blind dinner put to the test your hearing, smell, feel and taste. We offer a three-course dinner with a variety of beverages – and you will not be able to see the food you enjoy! Later, we discuss and analyse whether your perception was accurate. The chef and the sommelier will talk about the offered food and drink as well as about how well they come together.


“AFTERNOON TEA”- lounge evening, introducing the tearoom etiquette.

English "Afternoon Tea" is something more than just the traditional tea drinking. It is a timeless ritual, which has British charm and allure. This is a specially chosen time, enjoying the moment and the presence, forgetting the daily rush. “Afternoon Tea” is the ideal way to host friends, having acquired the necessary knowledge within the framework of our training. At lounge evening we enjoy tea and suitable snacks, we learn about the tea table manners and share everything interesting. This makes the ritual special.


MURDER MYSTERY (indoor, active, thinking, roleplay)

Exciting and gripping roleplay, where every guest gets a new identity.  Action, murder and shocking discoveries of the different characters will take place during the evening.The night will culminate with the expose of the murderers identity.


COOKING COMPETITION (indoor, creative, educational)

People are divided to teams, get the chance to compete and show there skills of cooking under the guidance of chef de cuisine of Villa Ammende. After the competition the chefs of Ammende Villa and your opposite teams will judge your dish. Teams are 3-4 people. Minimum number of participants 12 person.


TRUFFLE WORKSHOP (indoor, creative, educational), seasonal from autumn -spring

Under the guidance of our chef de cuisine you will learn the art of making different truffles. Minimum number of participants 6 person.


WINE, CIGAR AND COGNAC COURSE (indoor, educational)

The traditional sophisticated wine, cigar and cognac world will open it’s doors with our wine partner.


ETIQUETTE TRAINING (indoor, educational, social activity)

The training course introduces the nature of etiquette and contemporary restaurant and reception culture, accompanied delicious lunch or dinner.


ETIQUETTE TRAINING FOR STUDENTS (indoor, educational, social activity)

Etiquette training is a great opportunity for children and young people to acquire the basic knowledge about the restaurant culture and table manners. Ammende Villa’s trained etiquette teacher shares information during the three-course lunch or dinner, talks about the etiquette's history and answers questions. We welcome kids from kindergarten and school to our Etiquette training.